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BRD is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. All donations are tax-deductible.

Federal Tax ID: 27-1137578

Bellingham Repertory Dance could not exist without the support of our patrons. All BRD dancers are volunteers, and no contribution is too small! Your donation will go directly toward bringing sophisticated, exciting, and entertaining contemporary dance to Bellingham.


support levels



$250 + | Choreographers, Travel Expenses

The heron donation covers our largest and most meaningful expense. Without the art that inspires us to run this nonprofit, there would be no reason to perform, rehearse, or promote our cause. This donation, in addition to aiding our existence, has a broader impact on the Bellingham arts community.


$150 | Technical Crew, Costumes, Props

The puffin donation transforms our hard work into an experience. Putting our shows together involves purchasing costumes and props as well as paying for a tech and lighting crew. Light our way by supporting the supporting cast and accoutrements!



$75 | Rehearsal Space, Classes

The woodpecker donation keeps us grooving. Space is the most important part of our operation, so your added contribution gives us the space to teach and dance at our weekly classes, as well as rehearse and perform every piece in our productions.


$25 | Website, Outreach

The chickadee donation helps us get our name out there! You directly aid our ability to communicate with the community and the greater dance world. You keep our website looking fresh and allow us to promote our shows, classes, and other community events.


Much love to our BRD Liftoff season 14 campaign donors!

Julie Lombardo, Bradley C McDermott, Diane M Lieux, Marianne Pontillo, Eleanore Schroeder, Mary Belyea, Lynne Koyamatsu, Daniel Evans, David A Stickles, Christopher Harvey, Harvey Schwartz, Fred and Celeste Hartsook, Dale and Victoria Machado, Jacqueline Soler, Sylvia Graham, Alethea Alexander, Janice McAvoy, Thomas Besser, Pam Kuntz, Eva Stone, Darion Smith, Rachel Barker, Stacy Madsen, David Harvey, Kim Koyamatsu, Jean Bulick, Nicholas Barth, Bonnie Rose Fernandez, Gabrielle Orcha, Lani Momeyer, Betsey Stahler, Meg Paul, Betsey D. Beckman, Ann Sofie Clemmensen, Graham Harvey, Anne Gilbert, Steve & Liz Schmidt, Stella Deporis, Jessica DiRuzza, Aidan Poteet, Ali Odabashian, Jo DeBell, Marilyn Byrne & Jim Lombardo, Alan Poon, Roxanne Garcia, Hannah L Rivers, Madsen Enterprise Inc, Angela Kiser, Hannah Kinne, Katherine Belyea, Ingrid Hurlen, Jamie Jensen, Kate Stevenson, Madison Tiller, Tara Reiter, Arlene Fox, Erin Johnson, Lynn Tyler King, Troy Harvey, Christina Miglino, Sue Miglino, Sena Harvey, Alyssa Harvey, Damian Cade, and Diane Williams